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The company employs personnel with a wealth of naval weapons experience going back over 30 years. All of our staff have held senior management positions across all business and technical disciplines with major suppliers of naval systems such as Oerlikon Contraves (Switzerland), British Manufacture & Research Company Ltd (BMARC), and BAE Systems Limited (Royal Ordnance).


We recognise that the naval weapons put into service in the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s are becoming increasingly difficult to operate and maintain and yet they will continue to play a significant role in navies throughout the world for many years to come.


By listening to and working with our clients, we can offer a flexible, cost effective and ‘can do’ approach to our services and support.


Services Listing:


    • Independent advice on weapon procurement and evaluation

    • Technical advice in support of naval weapon testing and proofing

    • Technical support to weapon installation (INST/STW/HAT/SAT)

    • Technical survey

    • Repair and Refurbishment

    • Ammunition Technical Services







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