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We probably offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of small and medium calibre (20mm-40mm) naval ordnance stock items available anywhere.


For example, the 30mm KCB Cannon is renowned for its excellent performance and reliability record. Fitted as standard in a variety of naval gun mountings (GCM A Series, Emerlec 30 and DS30B), in excess of 800 units have been sold worldwide to 28 countries. Many clients continue to operate the KCB cannon very successfully including the UK RN on vessels like the latest Type 45 Frigate.


We are able to offer for immediate delivery, 30mm KCB cannon material originally manufactured and tested under license in the UK, unused, packed and preserved for long-term storage and guaranteed in A1 or ‘as new’ condition.


The 30mm stock material, which comes fully certified and complete with proof results, has already been purchased and successfully installed by a number of navies.  Availability is limited.


Currently available 30mm Stock, 30mm ‘KCB’ cannon (complete) and components comprising:


        Receiver Body assembly

        Barrel assembly

        Belt Feed Mechanism (BFM) – LH / RH


Spare parts for 30mm ‘KCB’ cannon comprising:


        Cannon assembly

        BFM assembly (BFM) – LH/RH

        Tools and Support Boxes





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